Fit Girls® Bootcamp

You've finished Fitkini ... now what? Welcome to FIT GIRLS BOOTCAMP. You’re about to take your Fit Girlventure to the next level. You’re about to work harder than you’ve ever worked before, to feel stronger than you’ve ever felt before, and to find an internal fierce you didn’t know you had.


  • 3 month advanced total body toning
  • 30 minutes or less a day
  • Weight and HIIT training
  • No Gym Required
  • Quickie workouts for busy days
  • All you need are hand weights, a mat, and a sturdy chair!


Fit Girls Bootcamp comes with 12 Weeks Of Fierce motivational journal to help you track your progress, conquer common Fit Girl Struggles, and go on a fitmazing voyage of self-discovery! (Oh and PS: It has 14 fitspirational coloring pages - including the cover!)

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