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"One year ago I felt completely out of control. I turned to Fit Girl's Guide because I wanted to “restart” my system, and instead I got an empowering and sustainable lifestyle that has changed my and my fiancé's life for the better. I've learned how to cook without extra oil and salt, how to incorporate exercise in my daily life, and how to love and care for myself in a healthy way. In one year, I've lost over 85 pounds. But more importantly...

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"Everyday I'm amazed at how much I love this program. The support from the community is so unbelievably positive. With most things in life what you put into it is what you get out of it, but what I found with Fit Girl's Guide is that I've gotten so much more out of it than what I put into it. I can't say enough...

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"Thank you Fit Girls for being created! When I turned 27 I made the decision to take control of my body. I told myself that I was still young and spunky! There was no reason why I couldn't be one of those confident, sexy, fit women I always envied on Instagram! So I did it. I found Fit Girl's Guide and I worked my butt off to become this healthier, stronger more confident version of myself! Anyone can do it with a little discipline and motivation!" by @fitgirl_sgirl

Freaking Epic!

"I'm no longer focused on the scale. I'm focused on making sure that I'm the healthiest me that I can be. I love the Fit Girl community because it's filled with a group of women who want to uplift and encourage one another and not tear down each other. In a world where we are taught to compare and tear apart we stand apart and...

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