A woman on a beach stretching and doing the scorpion yoga pose with blue water in the background.


To The Party!


Hard Work!

“I’m so proud of my progress. Dude! I feel like my goal weight is actually in sight. You are all beautiful and I’m so proud of all of my Fit Sisters!” by IG @fit_shaebae

A woman with her back to the camera taking before and after photos showing off her 90 day results.

Lost 35 LBS.

“I am so happy sharing this photo. I was around 225 pounds when I took the left pic in August. I’m currently 189 pounds, sometimes I feel like I don't see the change but woah looking at this pic definitely changed my mind on that! I still have a ways to go but I'm making progress!” by IG @fitgirl.iyanna

A woman in a before and after photo give a big smile and taking a selfie in a mirror with her phone wearing a white dress.

Fierce Progress!

“I finally decided enough is enough after about 10 years of trying off and on. I am so thankful and grateful for this community and all the love and encouragement I've gotten along the way. Thank you Fit Girl’s Guide for changing my life forever!” by IG @fitgirl_venessa

A woman in a before and after photo flexing while smiling and showing off her new muscles.

Freaking Epic!

“Thank you all for being a part of my journey. Helping me up when I’ve felt pushed down. Cheering me on when I’ve felt alone. Encouraging me when I’ve felt so done. You’re all the real MVPs!” by IG @kvfitgirl86

A woman posing for before and after photos smiling after losing 45 pounds.
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