Fit Girl Results!

Fit Girl Results

February 12th Challenge!

"One year ago I felt completely out of control. I ate out because I didn't have any better solutions. I didn't work out because I didn't have time. I rewarded myself with frozen yogurt and late night snacks every time I had a tough day. I turned to FGG because I wanted to 'restart' my system, and instead I got an empowering and sustainable lifestyle that has changed my life for the better. I've learned how to cook healthy foods, how to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, and how to love and care for myself in a healthy way. In one year, I've lost over 85 pounds. But more importantly, I've gained energy, self-confidence, and a sense of ambition. I cannot thank FGG enough. For anyone who is still on the fence about this program, I urge you to take the leap. Try this program for 28 days and see where it leads you."