Cookbook: Volume 2

“Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.” When we set out to create Fit Girls Cookbook: Volume 2 we knew it was going to be super special - what we didn’t know is how intimate a process it would become. But by creating all of the artwork in-house and using recipes inspired by childhood favorites (complete with LOTS of phone calls to mom asking about spices and oven temps), that’s exactly what it became.

Cooking is an art. Any way you can express who you are is an art form. And this book is the result of artists bringing their unique talents to the table, whisking them all together, experimenting, screwing up, learning, recreating until FINALLY after about a year of cook time… we came up with OUR new creation. But a lot happened in that time and it wasn’t all cookies and burrito bowls…

Once, the ENTIRE cookbook file was deleted without a trace after 6 months of work. Not even the techiest of tech people could retrieve it for us. We cried for days. And then we started again, using our handwritten notes to reconstruct the recipes and rewrite everything. We knew defeat was NOT even remotely an option so we decided to turn the situation into an opportunity to make everything EVEN BETTER.

And let’s just say it’s a good thing we remembered to keep the fire extinguisher handy…We set off the fire alarm a time or two perfecting the Sweet & Beefy Bowl. And we may have literally set our kale chips on fire once. OH and we can’t forget the culinary blow torch incident…

There were times we didn’t agree. Working with a team is always hard, even if you’re best friends! Different minds melding always leaves room for disagreement… Artists. Sheesh. SO PARTICULAR. But we believe the very things that drive us to annoy the crap out of each other are also the reasons that make us great at what we do. The individuals who worked on this book are incredible at their crafts. We were able to come together, utilize our unique skill sets, and create this amazing product together. We are so proud of it and each other!

We want this book to be a guide on YOUR adventure. What you cook up in that kitchen of yours is art. YOUR art. The spices you choose, the tweaks you make, and how you present your meal…these are all things that make it yours. Food can be so many things. It can be used to nourish your body, or hurt your body. It can be used as medicine, but also cause disease. Its taste can be surprising, daring, tantalizing, disgusting. But we all need food, and if you’re reading this you probably LOVE IT.

In this day and age it’s difficult. Fast food is readily available and conveniently cheap. Processed foods have taken over our grocery stores. We’ve learned that we can’t always trust food labels. Let Fit Girls Cookbook: Volume 2 help guide you along your journey. We believe that YOU can cook delicious food that also nourishes your body in a healthy and balanced way. So what are we waiting for?! Let’s GET COOKIN’

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