Alcohol Free February

Alcohol Free February

This February we are introducing a brand new challenge: #alcoholfreefebruary

Alcohol is a tricky obstacle within the fitness community. Whether you struggle with addiction/alcoholism or not, alcohol can still have negative effects on your body, mind, and overall wellness journey.

Drinking seems to be the norm in most social situations. It’s widely accepted, even at work functions. It’s in the house. It’s at dinner. It’s your weeknight wind down. It’s your reward. It’s Friday nights. And Saturday nights. And Sunday brunches and Sunday sports. It’s midweek meetups, it’s happy hour. It is everywhere.

Take a minute to think about how many drinks you’ve had in the last week. If you’re following our plans exactly, you know we include 2 drinks per week into your allotted calories. (And those 2 drinks should be 150 calories or less each). We know that sticking to the 2 drinks is a struggle for a lot of you, we see posts about it all the time. “I was doing so well until the weekend when I went out and had X amount of drinks.”

We get it. We’ve been there. A White Claw is 100 calories. But 4 White Claws is 400 calories. That’s the SAME amount of calories in our lunches and dinners ... the same lunches and dinners that leave you feeling energized and satisfied. We are not encouraging you to obsess over your calorie intake in an unhealthy way. We are simply demonstrating how quickly those calories add up and what very different purposes they serve our bodies. And if weight loss is one of your wellness goals, alcohol will surely hinder that.

And then there’s emotional drinking. Across the board, we should all be able to agree that drinking with the intention of numbing is never healthy. It’s problematic. And most of us have probably done it a time or two. But it won’t resolve anything. It won’t heal trauma. It won’t mend heartbreak. In fact, consuming alcohol can actually induce anxiety and increase stress. And in the moment where you are embracing the numbness, that is actually your brain function and neural activity slowing down. This is where slurred speech, unsteadiness, lowered inhibitions, and distorted judgment comes in. Think about that. When you’re already emotional, are these the types of things that sound good for your self-care?

This challenge probably sounds super difficult. A whole month without alcohol!? Can you even imagine?? But we encourage you to really consider trying it out and seeing how it changes things for you. We know that a glass of wine can be absolute magic. Nothing hits the spot like your favorite beer. Unwinding with your partner over a cocktail can be the highlight of your week. Alcohol can be enjoyed in a way that isn’t harmful, but unfortunately for a lot of us it’s become a problem and we don’t even realize it. And we’re hoping this challenge can be an eye-opening experience for you in realizing just how much of a role alcohol plays in your life. And from there you can learn other ways to cope and maybe even discover some new activities to enjoy with your friends that don’t revolve around drinking!

This is where the incredible Fit Girl Community comes in. This challenge will not be easy for most of us. BUT it will be a lot easier with like-minded Fit Sisters cheering you on and holding you accountable. If you want to give it a try, repost the above image on your page and use #alcoholfreefebruary to find others who want to participate too! We’re in this together!